Call for Special Tracks


Accepted workshops and sessions
SS1:Decision Making Intelligent Systems: Trends and Applications
SS2:Nature and Biologically Inspired Multi-objective Optimization
SS3:Distributed and Web-based Technologies and Paradigms for Supporting Industrial Manufacturing
SS4:Future Environments and Solutions for Ambient Intelligence (FESAmI)
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SS5:Optimization, Statistical and Computational Intelligence: Industrial and real world modelling and applications

Call for Special Sessions & Events
We kindly invite you to propose Workshop/Special Session in the 16th The International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA’2016) to be held in Porto, Portugal, from December 14 - 16, 2016. ISDA’2016 is intended to be a major international conference bringing together researchers, engineers, and practitioners who work in the areas of intelligent systems and its applications in industry and the real world.
Session organizer(s) will be responsible for advertising, promoting, and chairing the parallel special session during the conference. Papers will be reviewed by the panel reviewers from the Session Program Committee and approved by the General Conference Program Committee. Each Special Session is expected to have at least 5 papers and at least one author of each paper must register for the paper present during the session. Special Session paper submission will be done through ISDA’2016 submission management system and been evaluated with the same standards as the regular conference paper.
All proposal submissions will be reviewed by the ISDA’2016 special session chair and the general conference committee. The following criteria will be considered:

  • Relevance, interest, and value of the topic to ISDA’2016 attendees.
  • Complementarity to the ISDA’2016 program provided by the other tracks.
  • Completeness, clarity, and quality of the session proposal.
  • Qualification of the submitter(s) to organize the SS.
  • Likely success of the proposed session.
  • Overlap with other proposal or pre-selected activity.

It is expected that all accepted papers will be included in the ISDA’2016 conference proceedings published by Springer.

Submission Guidelines
Please send the Special Session proposals to the special session chairs with the following information, specified on the Special Session template.
Proposals for special session organization should be submitted electronically to:
Amélia Loja ( or/and Eduardo Solteiro Pires ( or/and Leonilde Varela (

Tutorials/Workshops and Special Sessions Chair
Amélia Loja , Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, Portugal
Eduardo Solteiro Pires, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Portugal
Leonilde Varela, Minho University, Portugal

Important Dates
Special sessions/Track/workshop proposals: August 20, 2016
Acceptance of special sessions: August 31, 2016

Call for Workshop & Tutorial

Besides the main technical programme, ISDA’2016 will host a number of workshops/Tutorials on topics related to the general theme of the conference. The role of the workshops is to provide a context for a focused and intensive scientific exchange among researchers interested in a particular topic. Hands-on workshops that focus on state-of-art topics or on applications related to ISDA’2016 conference theme are highly encouraged. The workshop/tutorial should plan for ample time to foster open discussions. Financial assistance for the workshop/tutorial instructor will be limited to one participation fee waiver for the conference only. Workshops/tutorials can be varying in length from 2 to 3 hours.
We invite you to submit a proposal for a co-located workshop/tutorial on a topic of interest to ISDA’2016 attendees.


Review Criteria
The decision on acceptance or rejection of a workshop/tutorial proposals will be made on the basis of the overall quality of the proposal and its appeal to a reasonable fraction of the Information and Communication Technologies.
In particular, workshops/tutorials should address topics which satisfy each of the following criteria:
•the topic falls in the general scope of  ISDA’2016
•there is a clear focus on a specific technology, problem or application
•there is a sufficiently large community interested in the topic

We especially encourage the submission of workshop/tutorial proposals on:
•Intelligent Systems Architectures and Applications
•Intelligent Image and Signal Processing
•Intelligent Internet Modeling
•Intelligent Data mining
•Intelligent Business Systems
•Intelligent Control and Automation
•Intelligent Agents
•Intelligent Knowledge Management
•. Innovative Information Security
•Web Intelligence
•Intelligent Software Engineering

Submission Guidelines
The intended Workshops/Tutorial should fall within the scope of ISDA’2016. The proposal should be made to the Workshops/Tutorials Chair at or/and Leonilde Varela ( The submission of proposals should be in pdf-format stated clearly with the information specified on the Workshops/Tutorial template.
The proposals will be evaluated by the Workshop/Tutorial Chair of ISDA’2016. The acceptance of the proposed workshop/tutorial will be published in ISDA’2016 official website.

Important Dates
Special sessions/Track/workshop proposals: August 20, 2016

Acceptance of special sessions: August 31, 2016