Emerging Trends in On-Chip Communications

On-Chip is an emerging communication paradigm for large VLSI systems implemented on a single silicon chip. This uses as a new approach to design complex System-on-a-chip (SoCs). The NoC-based systems can accommodate multiple complex (heterogeneous) SoC designs. In any on-Chip communications system, cores such as processor, memories, and customized IP blocks exchange data using a computer network protocol and physical infrastructure of on-chip networks. This special session addresses all aspects related to concepts, implementations and applications of on-chip communications as well as related EDA tools and on-Chip communication simulators. Nonetheless, its focus is on advanced issues and interdisciplinary topics like system control, design flow, application studies and the outlook on future developments in on-chip communications design.

Papers on any of the following and related topics will be considered for the special session:

Emerging topology and router architecture for on-Chip communications
Routing algorithm and micro architecture
Switching and Control flow techniques
QoS Parameters in on-Chip communications
Memory Architecture for NoC
Power and Energy issues
On-Chip communication simulators
Clockless architectures and asynchronous communication techniques
Reliability issues in on-Chip communications
Emerging technologies for on-Chip communications (Optics, Nanowires etc)
On-Chip communication case studies


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