Workshop2:Meta-Heuristics and Information Technology

Venue:     Mumbai, India
Conference:   December 11-14 , 2011
Paper Submission:   August 15, 2011
Notification of acceptance:   October 15, 2011
Camera-ready of accepted papers:  October 31, 2011
Registration for accepted papers:  not later than October 31, 2011

Call for Papers
Solving complex problems arising from variety of industrial and scientific domains is almost unimaginable without use of meta-heuristics. A meta-heuristic is formally defined as an iterative method which supervises an underlying heuristic by combining intelligently different concepts for exploring and exploiting the search space. Meta-heuristics have been mostly applied to NP-Hard or NP-Complete problems. However, meta-heuristics also find their application to other combinatorial optimisation problems where a polynomial-time solution exists but is impractical. Simulated Annealing, Evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms are some examples of meta-heuristics.

There are a lot of research problems in the domain of information technology where meta-heuristics are better or sometimes only available tools. Mobile Telecommunication System, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing, Image / Video Processing and Coding, information and network security are some areas where meta-heuristics should be explored more and more.

This special session aims to bring together new theories, methodologies and applications inspired by meta-heuristics and information technology related problems. The emphasis of the session is on bridgingmulti-disciplinary research areas such as swarm intelligence, evolutionary techniques and information technology.

Topics of interest:
The topics explored in this special session include, but are not limited to:

• Swarm Intelligence
• Ant Colony Optimization
• Particle Swarm Optimization
• Bees Algorithm
• Evolutionary Algorithms
• Genetic Algorithm
• Genetic Programming
• Evolutionary Strategy
• Differential Evolution
• Neural Networks
• Fuzzy / Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
• Harmonic Search
• Simulated Annealing
• Artificial Immune Systems
• Tabu Search
• Memetic Search
• Multiobjective Optimization

• Network Designand Network Optimization
• Routing Protocols and Congestion Control
• Self-Organizing Networks
• Next Generation Networks and Internet
• Mobile Telecommunication System
• Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
• Graph Mining
• Text, Video and Multimedia Data Mining
• Web Mining
• Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
• Image / Video Processing and Coding
• Medical Imaging and Image Analysis
• Multimedia Systems and Services
• Multimedia Communications and applications
• Watermarking and Encryption
• Trust and Security Systems
• Information and Network Security
• Authentication Protocols and Services
Special Session Organisers:
Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh
ABV-IIITM, Morena Link Road
Gwalior - 474010, MP
Tele: 0751-2449827 (O)
Mob: +91-9425773268
Fax: 0751-2449827

Dr. Jagdish Chand Bansal
ABV-IIITM, Morena Link Road
Gwalior - 474010, MP
Tele: 0751-2449819 (O)
Mob: +91-9479876351
Fax: 0751-2449827