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Gulf University for Science and Technology
The Campus
GUST campus represents GUST’s vision of higher education in Kuwait and provides the most up-to-date facilities and environment for active learning. With its special emphasis on science and technology, GUST’s new buildings give a strong and positive impression of the image, functionality, accessibility and appearance. The architecture uses modern technology to reinforce the contributions made by the Arab and Islamic World to modern civilization.

Campus Outlook
The image down, an aerial view from the south-east, shows the overall shape and position of the main campus elements. The University Library, Learning Resources Center, and Administration comprise the circular building in the foreground. The six classroom wings are attached to the concourse at all three levels. The far side of the concourse has the Conference Center, on the left, and the Health and Fitness Center, on the right. An open amphitheater provides a dramatic stage for ceremonies and performances. Open sports facilities include a football field and tennis courts.





Convention Center
The GUST campus was designed to support and enable virtually all events and teaching functions. It contains one of the largest convention center on Kuwait that contains such as lecture halls, 125-seats, 240-seats and 500-seats auditoriums, which are equipped with high quality Audio/Video devices; for better and high quality performance that meets the audience fulfillment.

The Concourse
The three-story concourse runs north-south [N1] and east-west [W1] and is accessed from the two parking areas and central VIP entrance. It provides covered access to all academic and social activities and is considered a focal point for gathering, information and social interaction.
Ground Floor 
The Admissions and Registration Department, Student Information Services (SIS), Public Relations, Students recruitment and Out-reach admission& registration, and the A.M Al-Refai Library - Learning Resources Center are all located in the center of the building. Also close to the VIP entrance are two 125seat lecture theatres available for teaching as well as for small-scale special presentations. Prayer rooms are located near the main entrances.
Parking and Campus Access 
Limited covered parking is available for students near the north entrance while west entrance is for faculty members and staff.  Part of the west parking is reserved for faculty and staff during the working hours of the university. Other non-covered parking is also available. Access to the campus is provided from two main gates by means of student ID smart cards.
Sports Facilities
The Physical Fitness and Health Center is connected to the north concourse at the ground and the first levels. The facility includes a 25m indoor swimming pool with an overlooking seating area for special events. In addition, the facility includes an exercise gymnasium, tennis court, artificial turf soccer field, squash courts, locker rooms, changing areas, shower facilities and a clinic.

Computing Facilities
If you go on a tour of the GUST campus, you will notice computer facilities all around you. These facilities exist to serve GUST students, faculty and staff in improving the academic and the administrative processes. GUST computing facilities include:
Computer Labs
There are six computer laboratories located throughout the campus, in addition to a Mac lab. These labs contain a variety of hardware, printing and scanning capabilities, academic software and high-speed Internet access, wired and wireless. Additional computers are also available in the University Library with proper access to academic databases for research. Student training on using computers and related software can be provided in the computer laboratories.
IT Equipment
IT offers laptops to faculty members in order for them to be connected to GUST at all times, checking e-mails, and interacting with students anytime, anywhere. Desktops, printers, photocopiers and other equipment are also available for utilization by GUST faculty and staff.

Multimedia Facilities
GUST is equipped with various multimedia facilities which aim to support academic departments in transforming teaching and learning through the use of multimedia and related educational technologies. The objectives are to teach, learn, inform, broadcast and entertain.

Located in the center of Kuwait, GUST have an easy access to hotels, malls and recreation centers in Kuwait.
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