Track 14-Computer Network Security

Computer networks provide the fundamental infrastructure for us to share resources in various ways. Such sharing is however a mixed blessing because the resources may be misused and the users are exposed to the unknown public. Being connected with other human beings on social networks may make people feel less lonely, but in the same
time, they are connected to non-trusted strangers.  It is users' final decision whether they want to take the risks or not, when inputting their passwords in online banking, or when giving out their phone numbers. How are we going to help a user make such decisions? Topics include,but are not limited to, the following:

Access Control
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Identification, Authentication and Non-repudiation
Identity Management
Biometrics Security and Privacy
Human Factors and Human Behaviour Recognition Techniques
Digital Forensics
Network Security
Security for Grid and Cloud Computing
Security in Distributed Systems
Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Network Security
Trust Management and Reputation Systems
Ubiquitous Computing Security
Wireless Network Security

Track chair: Dr Hannan Xiao, University of Hertfordshire, UK