Track 11-Body Sensor Networks

The last decade has witnessed a rapid surge of interest in new sensing and monitoring devices for healthcare and the use of wearable/wireless devices and sensor networks for clinical applications.  Body Sensor Network BSN - a base technology for permanent monitoring and logging of vital signs is a proven method of supervising the health status of
patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as Diabetes and Asthma. Another prominent area of application for long-term logging of patient data is cardiology, where 24-hour-ECGs are required for therapy control and as early indicators for impending heart attacks.The basic concept of BSN is the fusion of both ideas: a set of mobile, compact units which enable transfer of vital parameters between the patient´s location and the clinic or the doctor in charge. The vital signs data flow passes a chain of BSN modules from each sensor to a main body station, which consolidates the data streams of all sensor modules attached. It transmits the data to a home base station, from where they can be forwarded via telephone line or internet. Topics include, but are not limited to:

In-body, on-body, and around body networks
Sport and leisure applications
Sensor technology and biocompatibility
Home monitoring and assisted living applications
Wearable and implantable sensor integration and development platforms
Wearable biomotion sensors to monitor human activity for diagnosis,
therapy, training, sports, etc.
Links from the body to environment sensing, smart dwellings, and home monitoring
Networking and security issues for BSN
Pervasive health care and patient monitoring
Integrating BNS into the healthcare system
Novel wireless communication technologies
Wearable system design issues
Lower power electronics, power sources and energy harvesting
BSN architecture and platforms
Entertainment and lifestyle applications
Assistive technologies for independent aging
Programming Environment of BSN nodes
BSN Sensor Interface
Wireless Sensing
Vision Sensor Networks (VSN)
Medical applications

Track Chairs :  Ashraf Darwish and Ajith Abraham, Computer Science,
Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data