Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto
Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto
University of Pernambuco, Recife
Regular Member
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Short Biography

Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from University of London (2002), Diploma of Imperial College London on Artificial Neural Networks (2002), Masters in Computer Science from Federal University of Pernambuco (1998) and a degree in Computer Science Catholic University of Pernambuco (1990). He studied Philosophy of Science, Neuroscience and Administration.

            Fernando Buarque is an accredited researcher by the Brazilian Council of Research and published around 100 papers in the topics of: (1) Computational Intelligence (Social and Evolutionary Computation), (2) Modeling of Complex Systems and (3) Hybrid Decision Support Systems. Over the last decade he leaded or joined projects funded by Brazilian organizations such as CNPq, CAPES, FINEP, FACEPE, Petrobras, South African HESA and European Community FP Programs.

            As an Associate Professor at the University of Pernambuco – UPE his main duties are (i) Head of the Computational Intelligence Research Group (CIRG) of UPE and (ii) Docent in the postgraduate Program of Computer Engineering and Program of Systems Engineering of the Polytechnic School of Pernambuco – POLI / University of Pernambuco as well as in the undergraduate Bachelors of Computer Engineering. Since 2009 he is the Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Computer Engineering. In which he has successfully conducted thirteen theses and dissertations, and more than three dozen final year graduation projects.

            Among other duties in Brazil and abroad Buarque is reviewer of research projects for the European Union (CORDIS) and several funding agencies in Brazil, evaluator for the Brazilian board of higher-education, a member of the committee's for innovation of FACEPE (The Science and Research Foundation of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco), reviewer of several international journals and has served as a member of the program committee of several dozen prominent scientific events.

            In the international arena Prof. Fernando Buarque is part of research initiatives in South Africa (University of Johannesburg), Germany (Münster University), United States of America (FIT-Florida Institute of Technology), France (INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt) and Scotland (Heriot-Watt University). As an internationally requested speaker, since 2010 he delivered six invited lectures in four countries: USA, Germany, China and France.

            He is a member of several Brazilian and international organizations among them the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), the Brazilian Society of Computational Intelligence (SBIC), the Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE-CIS) and the Systems, Man & Cybernetics Society (IEEE- SMC). In 2007 he was elevated to Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA (IEEE) in 2011 was appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg (Electrical Engineering) - South Africa and in 2012 he was invited to INRIA (Paris-Rocquencourt) as ‘Professeur invité’.

List of top 5 publications in the last 5 years
1) LEONEL, Amanda; LIMA NETO, Fernando Buarque de; OLIVEIRA, Sérgio Campello; BARBOSA FILHO, Hugo S.
    "An Intelligent Human-Machine Interface Based on Eye Tracking to Afford Written communication of Locked-In Syndrome Patients"
     In: Learning and Non-Linear Models, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp. 249-255, 2011.
     {ISSN: 1676-2789}

2) DANZIGER, Moises; LACERDA, Marcelo; LIMA NETO, Fernando Buarque de.                  
     "A Hybrid Approach for IEEE 802.11 Intrusion Detection Based on AIS, MAS and Naïve Bayes"
     In: International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management (IJCISIM) Volume 3, pp. 193–201, 2011.
                   {ISSN: 2150-7988}
3) PESSOA, Luis F. A.; LEONEL, Amanda; MENEZES, Luis C. S.; LIMA NETO, Fernando Buarque de.
    "Automatic Neighborhood Control for Intelligent Agents Inspired in Wolf Pack Behavior"
    In: Learning and Non-Linear Models, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 216-226, 2010.
    {ISSN: 1676-2789}
4) SANTOS, Wellington P. dos; ASSIS, Francisco M. de; SOUZA, Ricardo E. de; SANTOS FILHO, Plínio B.; LIMA NETO, Fernando Buarque de. 
     "Dialectical multispectral classification of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images as an alternative to apparent diffusion coefficients maps to perform anatomical analysis". 
      In: Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, v. 33, n. 6, pp. 442-460, 2009.
      {ISSN: 0895-6111}
5) REGO, Renata L. M. E.; ARAÚJO, Aluízio F. R.; LIMA NETO, Fernando Buarque de.;         
     "Growing Self-reconstruction Maps". 
     In: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, v. 21, issue 2, pp. 211-223, 2009.
     {ISSN 1045-9227}
List of top 5 academic activities during the last 5 years
1) CBIC2012 - XI Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence (General Chair)
 To-be-annouced, 2013, Recife, Brazil 

2) ICSI2012 - The Third International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (Co-Chair Publicity)
 June 17 - 20, 2012, Shenzhen, China (http://www.ic-si.org/)

3) IDEAL2012 - The 13th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (Co-Chair Publicity)
 August 29 – 31, 2012, Natal, Brazil (http://sbic.ct.ufrn.br/ideal2012/)

4) ICSI2011 - The Second International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (Special Section Organizer and Key Speaker)
 June 12 - 15, 2011, Chongqing, China (http://2011.ic-si.org/Templates/specialsession.html)

5) CBIC2011 - X Brazilian Congress on Computational Intelligence (PC-Member and Short-course Organizer)
 November 8 - 11, 2011, Fortaleza, Brazil