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Aim and Scope

The global economic infrastructure is becoming increasingly dependent upon information technology, with computer and communication technology being essential and vital components of Government facilities, power plant systems, medical infrastructures, financial centres and military installations to name a few. Finding effective ways to protect information systems, networks and sensitive data within the critical information infrastructure is challenging even with the most advanced technology and trained professionals.

The primary aim of the Information Assurance and Security Letters (IASL) is to publish quality short papers (no more than 6 pages) of new developments and trends, novel techniques and approaches, innovative methodologies and technologies on the theory and applications of information assurance and security. Papers more than 6 pages will be automatically considered for publication in the Journal of Information Assurance and Security (JIAS).

IASL is a peer reviewed international journal with a key objective to provide the academic and industrial community a medium for presenting original research and applications related to information assurance and security. IASL invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work that communicates current research on information assurance and security regarding both the theoretical and methodological aspects, as well as various applications in solving real world information security problems.


Journal Topics

Topics of interest include but not limited to:  

  • Authentication
  • Data protection
  • Computer forensics
  • Internet and www security
  • Information and data integrity
  • Intrusion detection
  • Data and system integrity
  • Authorization and access control
  • Information warfare and cyber-terrorism
  • Security models and architectures
  • Secure software engineering
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Security verification
  • Cryptography and coding
  • Cryptographic protocols
  • E-commerce protocols
  • Agent and mobile code security
  • Security in sensor networks
  • Biometrics
  • Key management
  • Homeland security
  • Wireless and ad hoc network security
  • Information security management
  • Database and system security
  • Denial of service


Guidelines for Contributors

In general, decisions will be made after review within 6 weeks of receipt. All manuscripts are evaluated as either "accepted for publication" or "rejected". Accepted articles will generally be published within 4 weeks thereafter. Review management is primarily under the direction of an associate editor, who will solicit reviews for each submission. The associate editor will ordinarily make a recommendation after receiving three independent reviews. To avoid delays in processing your paper, please follow these guidelines.


Submission of Manuscripts

All correspondence concerning submissions is between the author and the Editor-in-Chief. To submit your paper for consideration, visit the web submission system found at:

There you can create a new account or use an existing one if you have one, and submit a first draft of a new manuscript. Please ensure that in the cover letter (comments to editor-in-chief) you state that the work being submitted has not been published elsewhere, nor is it under review currently by another publication. Please follow the style files given in the following links.



Authors should submit the electronic version of their papers in postscript or PDF formats via the journal web site. Authors should submit the electronic version of their papers in postscript or PDF formats via journal submission form. If you have any problems with the submission please send an email to the Managing Editor.


The final decision on publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief upon recommendation of an Associate Editor and / or an Editorial Board Member. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in IASL, it must not be published in any periodical elsewhere without the permission of the Editor-in-Chief.


Abstracted/Indexed in

Articles published in Information Assurance and Security Letters are indexed or abstracted in: Computer Abstracts; Computer; Control Abstracts; Computer Information System Abstracts; Computer Literature Index; Computer Review; Ergonomics Abstracts; Abstract Journal; USSR Academy of Sciences; Zentrablat Mathematik/Mathematics abstracts; Mathematical Reviews; Current Mathematical Publications and MathSci; INSPEC Database .


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