Join the feast of Hybrid Computational Intelligence researchers!

Welcome to the 15th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS 2015) in Seoul, South Korea, 2015. Hybridization of intelligent systems is a promising research field of computational intelligence focusing on synergistic combinations of multiple approaches to develop the next generation of intelligent systems. A fundamental stimulus to the investigations of HIS is the awareness that combined approaches will be necessary if the remaining tough problems in Artificial Intelligence are to be solved.

The objectives of HIS 2015 are: to increase the awareness of the research community of the broad spectrum of hybrid techniques, to bring together AI researchers from around the world to present their cutting-edge results, to discuss the current trends in HIS research, to develop a collective vision of future opportunities, to establish international collaborative opportunities, and as a result to advance the state of the art of the field.

We look forward to welcoming you in Seoul, South Korea!

HIS 2015 - Organizing Committee